Safety Integrated Engineering Solutions

SiES Products Pte. Ltd.

About the Company

We are Dedicated to Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Services and Product Development!

Safety Integrated Engineering Solutions Pte. Ltd. has accumulated unsurpassed knowledge and experiences in multi-disciplinary structural design and analyses, development of safety products and site service. SiES Products Pte. Ltd., established in 2013, is the outcome through years of founders’ consulting experiences and industrial site service experiences for oil & gas industry and construction industry. Our name, standing for Safety Integrated Engineering Solutions, defines our devoted scope for safety related engineering products. The company rides the wave of frontier research and technology and provides integrated products design, manufacturing and site installation & commissioning services to benefit our clients. The company specializes in hydraulic safeguarding systems, high pressure hydraulic products, blast resistant doors and heavy duty equipment for sustainable construction.

  • Blast Resistant Consulting and Site Services (BRC)

  • Advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Steel and Composite Structural Design (SCS)

  • Blast Resistant Doors (BRD)

  • Vehicle Barriers and Bollards (VBB)

  • Hydraulic Control Systems and Offshore/Onshore Refurbishment Services (HCS)

  • High Performance Grout (HPG)

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