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Steel and Composite Structural Design

Large Space Warehouse

The large space warehouse with height of 60m was located at roof storey of a multi-storey building. Design for anchoragement to the base concrete structure and lateral-resistance system were the main difficulties due to large wind load. Steel truss was propsed for the roof structure, whereas laced steel-concrete composite columns were proposed for the vertical load bearing and lateral resistant system. Comparied with steel columns, the cost of steel was reduced by 20% by adopting laced composite columns.

Strutting System for Excavation

Steel deisgn for struts, walers, splays, and connections were provided for tunnel excavation based on BS 5950 and Singapore code TR 26.

High-rise Office Building

Advanced seond-order analysis was performed for the Class A high-rise office building with height of 213m. With the deisgn forces obtained from the second-order analysis, composite floor trusses, composite columns, transfer trusses, outrigger, belt trusses, and steel connections were designed. Sensitivity Analyses for floor vibration and peak acceleration were also perfomed.

Lifting Padeye

Design for lifting of analyzer houses during transportation and installation were conducted for projects in MLNG.

Muti-purpose Hall @ Audience Hall

Value engineering services for Multipurpose Hall and Audience Hall were provided. Through optimization of the structural systems, the steel weight was reduced by 33% for both MPH and AH by adopting composite structure.

Large Span Footbridge

Steel structural and connection design were performed for a 35m-span footbridge in accordanced with British Code BS 5950. Vibration analysis was also carried out to satisfy the serviceability requirements.

Customized Spreadsheets and Software Tools

We developed various customized spreadsheets and software tools to improve client’s workflow.

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