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Hydraulic Control Systems and Offshore/Onshore Refurbishment Services

Wellhead Control Panel

Compact arrangement for offshore wellhead control system

Hydraulic Actuator

Double acting + spring return design to achieve highest level of fail free (Upper)

Single acting spring return and double acting actuators for onshore and subsea applications (Below)

Pressure Tubing & Fitting Installation & Leakage Test

Pressure tubing and fitting installation were carried out for laboratory for 100bar pressure rating. The hydrostatic leak tests was perfomed following the installation. Testing medium was silicon oil. Third party inspector was engaged to witness the test and issue certificate for pressure tightness of the assembled system.

Supply, delivery and commission of Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

HPU - MWP 20,000 PSI
• Pneumatic driven hydraulic power unit, outlet pressure can be adjusted from 0-20,000 psi
• Pressure Medium: Water & Hydraulic Oil 
• High pressure hose connection, easy for hook-up
• Pump auto shut-off function for sudden drop of  system supply pressure
• Emergency kill knob button to shut-off pump during emergency condition
• Pressure transmitter for monitoring the system discharge pressure, 4-20 mA/0-5 V/0-10V analogue will be sent to data logger
• Easy for transportation with lockable wheels

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