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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

LNG Leakage and Vapor Cloud Dispersion Analysis
Vapor Cloud Explosion Analysis

LNG Barge

We were engaged to:

a) Carry out dispersion analysis during leakage of LNG gas;

b) Performe explosion simulations with different inigition points;

c) Propose risk acceptance criterion for each zone and entire facilities from point of view of gas dispersion and explosion.

d) Provide preliminary proposal for ventilation design;

e) Provide blast induced overpressure for structural design;

f) Provide hazard mapping for sensors e.g. gas detectors, thermocouples, smoke detectors, etc.

g) Provide hazard mitigation methods.

Waste Bunker and Boiler

CFD analyses were carried out to simulate the fire burning and smoke spread in the waste bunker area and boiler area- Through CFD analyses, smoke temperature, smoke height, smoke visibility, toxicity of CO, capacity of ventilation etc., can be quantified.

With the compartment fire temperature obtained from the CFD analyses, the fire resistance of individual structural member or the whole building strucure can be determined by performing finite element analysis. Fire protection materials were not used for some structural members based on the FE analyses.

Ship Waves

The simulation for fluid-structure interaction was carried out. The vertical bending moment (VBM) was calculated based on the wave loads on structure.

Structural Motions in Very Strong Waves

CFD analysis was carried out to simulate the structural motions in very strong waves. Fluid and structure interaction was taken into account and the wave loads on structure were determined for structural design.

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