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Our Services
Blast Resistant Consulting and Site Service

We provide blast and fire consulting services from early planning stage to detailed structural design to protect onshore or offshore personnels and equipments from explosions and impacts of fragmentation

Advanced Finite Element Analysis

We are proficient in numerical analyses with computer aided tools to solve problems related to static deformation, instability, and vibration sensitivity. The numerical modelling can range from whole structure to individual members or joints

Computational Fluid Dynamics

We employ the most advanced CFD tools to serve the LNG industry with reliable vapor cloud dispersion and explosion analyses to generate the most reliable overpressure

Steel and Composite Stuctural Design

We specialize in steel and composite structure and connection design according to BS codes, Eurocodes and AISC. Thorough understanding of modern design codes enable us to propose innovative structural systems

our products
Blast Resistant Doors

We utilize advanced dynamic analysis software and industrial practice codes to design reinforced concrete, steel or composite blast resistant doors. Full spectrum of structural responses of door panels, door latches, bearings, and hinges under positive and rebound phases are taken into account

Vehicle Barriers and Bollars

We develop novel deployable security barriers to satisfy K4, K8 and K12 impact conditions. We are collaborating with several local and overseas institutes and testing facilities to provide services of niche instrumentation and testing

Hydraulic Control Systems

We are experienced in wellhead control system, and design & supply customized hydraulic actuators for onshore and subsea applications. We also design and supply sensitive actuators for heavy duty doors with integrated safeguarding purpose

High Performance Grout

We develope high performance grout for applications in offshore and marine structures, industrial floors, pavements, and security barriers. The compressive strength can exceed 150MPa in 28days

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